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tangible interface for collaborative human robot interaction

status - work in progress

CuGo(previously Collabot) is a board game for human MRR interaction, developed by Kongpyung Moon and Peng Gao, in Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett, UCL. It has chain architecture reconfigurable modular system, which each agent is connected to another agent. Adding up agents increases the number of degrees of freedom (DOF) of the chain. Each agent, with the size of 6x6x6 cm and weights 60 grams, has three discrete rotations; -120 degrees, 0 degrees and 120 degrees from the axis. The specific axis of the agent and its rotations allows agents to have on-grid movement regardless of the number of agents connected to the chain system, which can be connected at most six units. Each agent has an Esp8266 board and a dynamixel xl-320. It communicates with a central computer over 802.11 Wi-Fi. 

Footages from  UCL Here East(June, 2019) , Barbican Center(July, 2019) and ARS Electronica (September, 2019)

photo credit: Kongpyung Moon, Peng Gao, Jessica Inn, Reuban Jacob

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