on-going project;
programmable self assembly module; collective intelligence

A molecule is consisted of combinations of atoms in patterns. Their numbers and patterns defines the physical attributes of an object, defining its identity. Group of “Flying Atom," which remember not only its previous location but also the relations with neighboring atoms,  forms an object. They could shape a vase to fly a flower, an umbrella to shelter from rain, and fireworks to perform in three dimensional art in sustainable manner. Moreover, it could be a tangible hologram of parts of a body or a whole body. Just like a molecule is consisted of different types of atoms, each flying atoms has its own characteristics and functions. The resolution of flying atoms would be the range of clarity of an object and function of it. Various combinations and movement of atoms, and its memory of previous location and neighboring relation, would allow us to touch the dynamic process. I would like to start with magnetic joints and single propeller mechanism. The toughest challenge would be the source of energy. However, the optimistic movement in pattern will minimize its usage and collectivity will generate sustainable solar energy.  These small, and fragile atoms, will turn in to larger and stronger object that no one has ever imagined. 

Atoms flying and finding it's own place would be difficult. When number increases, it would be hard to program each modules to get together. three dimensional HILL CLIMBING ALGORITHM would allow modules to find its reasonable path to its proper place. Therefore, atoms could just get together randomly at first hand than follow the path to its programmed spot. The whole process would be a great experience of technology and art.

there are hundreds of ways to reach to the destination. Finding optimal one is important





joint has to be precise and smooth

circular modules can stuck in between themselves

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